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How We Save You Money

We save you money by matching the right resources

 to the exact needs of your job!

Most printers only have a small selection of equipment to choose from, and this means a lot of the work they do could be done somewhere else for less money:

The printer with the 40 inch press is doing a lot of jobs that would cost much less on a 14 inch press.

The printer with the 14 inch press is doing a lot of jobs that would cost much less on a 40 inch press.

Neither of these printers is going to send you to the other guy to save you money!

Printers have a huge investment in plant and equipment. They  are very reluctant to turn a job away that they can produce at a profit, as long as you are willing to pay more! Everyday they price jobs for people like you that are not good fits for their capabilities.

And this is only one example!  Advances in Printing Technology have given rise to an enormous variety of specialized equipment - each designed to produce better quality for less money!  Our printing vendors are carefully hand picked, for their particular capability, to deliver you the highest quality at the lowest price.  This is why we say: